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TSL 227 Snow Hunter in the group Christmas Ideas / Christmas presents L at Route62 AB (5237)
TSL 227 Snow Hunter
TSL 227 Snow Hunter

TSL 227 Snow Hunter

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TSL Snow Hunter 227 Escape Snow Hunter (Winter 16/17)

The TSL 227 Snow Hunter is specialy designed for the Swedish market. Limited stock availeble!

Designed for serious snowshoeing enthusiasts, the TSL Escape 227 Series lets you step into the next level of snowshoe technology. The composite snowshoe decking materials feature the most flexible frame available to demanding snowshoers and won't forfeit buoyancy/flotation or performance either! The TSL Escape snowshoes offer the unique combination of stiff / soft composite materials, resulting in a go anywhere and all terrain category shoe that delivers unmatched comfort in any winter conditions and terrain encountered such as deep powder and untracked snow, heavy, wet snow and hardpack, steep and technical ascents and more. Best in class TSL binding system allows for lightning fast entry/exit and superb control, comfort and maneuverability during all phases of the snowshoe stride. The TSL Escape snowshoes also include the TSL Heel Lift, greatly reduces calf muscle fatigue during extended climbs, allowing you to tackle steeper & more technical ascents with ease. Includes a TSL Snowshoes storage bag.

TSL 227 Escape Snowshoes Features & Benefits:

  • Easy Comfort Binding System - Features the TSL memory recall tightening strap system for the toe box and TSL ratchet tightening system for ultra fast and secure ankle and heel fit. Comfort pad centers right on the top of the boot/shoe. With a simple quarter turn the telescopic heel piece adjusts perfectly for optimum shoe size fit. Integrated sound and shock absorbing system (SASS) for easy striding and a quiter presence in nature (great when hoping to spot forest friends!)
  • TSL Heel Lift - Facilitates walking during steep ascents and long climbs, dramatically reducing calf muscle fatigue.
  • TSL Traction / Crampon System - Front teeth under foot provide maximum traction on steep terrain. Lateral traction bars ensure easy going in soft snow. Stabilization beam delivers control in all snow conditions. Reinforced support tracks.
  • 3D Design - Combines maximum climbing and traversing sidehill traction underfoot. Also prevents build up of snow on tails for easy going.
  • TSL Composite Snowshoe Frame / Deck - Composite materials generate superior softness compared to traditional aluminum framing. Offers maximum buoyancy/flotation. Allows for maximum comfort. Hourglass shape with tapered tails allow for easier snowshoeing stride, snowshoes will not bump into one another. Variable height edges ensure the ideal control in all 3 snow conditions - icy snow / packed snow / soft snow.
  • Includes a TSL Snowshoes storage bag.

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