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Fällkniven F1Pro
Fällkniven F1Pro

Fällkniven F1Pro

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Fällkniven F1Pro

There are survival knives, and there are survival knives for the professional survival. Fällknivens models F1, S1 and A1 have provided exceptional service for more than twenty years and due to their outstanding quality and durability will continue to do so for many years to come. Nevertheless Fällknivens desire to strive for continual improvement has led them to develop the new Pro Series which takes the concept of the survival knife to unimaginable heights of quality. Fällkniven began developing these impressive new knives in 2010 and five years later, they are able to offer three survival knives which set the benchmark for survival knife manufacture the world over – the Pro series. To put it simply a knife is a blade and a handle. But if this vital tool is to remain strong and stay sharp you have to add fairly decent materials. If you then claim to call a knife “professional” you take on a responsibility to the user to raise the bar above what is normal. So it is with the Pro series.

New and improved Pro series specification:
Pro series of F1, S1 and A1 differs from its predecessors in the following important details:
  1. The laminated VG10 steel is replaced with a laminate cobalt steel (lam. CoS) which, amongst other things, ensures a durable edge and improved edge retention.
  2. The blades are consistently thicker causing an increased torsional rigidity - they will withstand even greater external forces than before.
  3. The tapered tang is wider and thicker and thus significantly stronger.
  4. The crossguard is made of stainless steel and permanently mounted to the tang.
  5. The convex edge has been refined to improve the cutting properties.
  6. The zytel sheaths are redesigned meaning they are more durable and are better suited to the Molle attachment system.
  7. The knives are supplied with Fällknivens most valued combination whetstone, the DC4. It offers both a diamond whetstone and a ceramic stone for field sharpening.
  8. The knives are packed in shock-resistant, waterproof boxes that can be used for storage of smart phones, GPS, documents, survival gear and much more.
Understandably these knives fall into a higher price category. However, considering the unparalleled quality they are by no means over priced. A professional survival knife should be able to be relied upon in the all-weather and we really mean all weather. It should also be pleasant, safe and comfortable to handle whether it’s fine or rough work, summer heat or winter cold. Fällkniven has considered everything in the design of this quite superb knife and they, therefore, offer a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

  • Total length (mm): 217
  • Blade length (mm): 100
  • Blade thickness (mm): 5
  • Blade profile: Convex
  • Tang Broad, protruding
  • Weight (knife): 182g
  • Steel: Lam.CoS
  • Hardness (HRC): 60
  • Handle material: Thermorun
  • Sheath Zytel

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